Solar Panel Installation and Your Roof – 3 Factors to Consider

Solar panel installation CT

Installing solar panels can be a great – and as we saw in our last post, surprisingly affordable – energy efficiency move for your Connecticut home or business.

But remember: solar panels last 25 to 30 years, and they are could be costly to remove. So it’s important to make sure the roof underneath them is up to the task.

There are three factors to consider if you’re planning to install solar panels on your roof:

  • Space – You’ll need space to accommodate enough solar panels to handle the energy load of your house (which you’ll want to reduce as much as possible before you undergo a solar makeover – more on that below). A south-facing area where installers can gang panels together is best, but it is possible to break the installation into smaller groups.
  • Shade – Shade from nearby buildings and trees can cut energy production from your solar panels substantially. That means planning around structures and trees in your yard and your neighbor’s yards – even small ones that might grow to be a problem 15 years down the road.
  • Strength – Is your roof up to the task of surviving 25-30 years? Water damage in the attic, old age, and other problems can create challenges for your solar installation.

Expert Solar Panel Installation in CT

If you have any of these issues with your roof, it doesn’t mean solar is off the table for you. In fact, CMC’s partners at Posigen include a FREE roof assessment with your solar installation. Once they evaluate your roof, they’ll make cost effective improvement suggestions to move you further down the road toward freedom from the electrical grid.

You know what’s also included in your Posigen solar installation? A home energy assessment from the experts at CMC! Making sure your home is as energy efficient as possible is key to taking advantage of the benefits of solar energy – and to saving money on unnecessary panels and installation labor. PosiGen – a leader in making solar energy affordable to homeowners of all income levels – has made CMC the preferred provider of its pre-installation energy audits.

Be sure to check out Posigen’s website today to learn more.

Not ready to make the jump into solar but still want your home to operate as efficiently as possible? Set up an affordable home energy assessment from CMC today!

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“Their technicians were fabulous and an asset to the company. I am very happy that I had the program done.”

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