Multifamily Water Audit

What Is a CMC Water Audit?

CMC’s water audit is a way to give property managers a baseline of where water use is inefficient. It will help to identify specific areas of improvement and offer suggestions of how to improve. Identifying water leaks through a water audit could also help to protect the structure of a building as well as the health of the tenants.

What’s included?

  • Individual unit walk-through and visual inspection
  • Common area walk-through and visual inspection
  • Basement walk-through and visual inspection
  • Water bag testing on sinks and showers in unit
  • Toilet leak dye test
  • Drip test on leaky faucets
  • Moisture saturation reading (helps to identify areas that cannot be seen but have visually evident moisture issues)
  • Report detailing unit findings with photos of high-focus areas, suggestions on how to improve water use, and estimated savings for areas corrected

What’s the cost?

$150 per unit (10 unit minimum) | $200 per unit (fewer than 10 units) | Community rooms, laundry rooms, offices, etc., will be treated as individual units.

Special pricing for complexes with more than 50 units and for complexes going through the Multifamily Energy Audit Services.

“From start to finish, the workers did a terrific job. They were on time, efficient, respectful and even did the clean up of their materials.”

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Linda A Carmosino, COS
ARM Property Manager,
Related Management

“The technicians were knowledgeable, courteous, and hard working. I still can’t believe this was done at no cost for me or my tenants!”

Keith Rowley, Owner
Eastern Point Efficiencies
(24 units), Groton, CT