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Questions about your multifamily energy assessment

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As part of the Multifamily Initiative program from the Sponsors of Energize Connecticut℠, CMC Energy Services offers a unique way to lower the cost of running your building and to lower energy bills and improve comfort for building residents. Your energy assessment includes:

  • A comprehensive energy audit of each unit of your building
  • An efficiency assessment of common areas of your building, including the basement, hallways, entryways, laundry rooms and more
  • Recommendations for further improvements and discounts or rebates for which you may be eligible
  • Support

All work performed as part of your energy assessment is delivered as part of Connecticut’s Multifamily Initiative, from the Sponsors of Energize Connecticut, and supported by the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund.

You are eligible for the Multifamily Initiative if you own or manage a multifamily dwelling in Connecticut with an active electric meter from a participating electric utility, and if you have not participated in a subsidized weatherization program within the last 18 months.We consider a building to be “multifamily” if it has five or more connected units. Some examples of eligible multifamily facilities include:

  • College and university dormitories
  • Group homes
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Apartment complexes
  • High-rise apartments
  • Condominiums
Applying is easy. Just complete and submit the online form (if you own the building), or contact CMC Energy Services for help.
Connecticut residents and businesses who pay an electric or gas utility bill and are customers of Eversource and/or CNG, SCG, or UI support these programs through a small charge on their energy bills. Eversource, CNG, SCG and UI use that money to administer energy efficiency programs that help customers reduce energy usage in their homes and businesses.

A Multifamily Initiative energy assessment includes:

  • A comprehensive energy audit of each unit in your building, and for the building as a whole (including all common areas)
  • A report detailing savings estimates for individual units and for the building as a whole as a result of proposed improvements
  • A sample tenant notice and scheduling template
  • Weekly on-site Quality Assurance inspections by our Quality Control Department
  • A post-project report detailing measures installed, customer satisfaction survey scores and further recommendations by request
  • Recommendations for any potential heating and cooling, insulation, appliance or lighting upgrades
  • Project management services to help you get the right professionals to provide additional energy saving services recommended
  • Support for working with utilities to help secure rebates and tax incentives to reduce the cost of proposed upgrades

Installed measures will help your residents by:

  • Lowering their monthly bills
  • Eliminating cold winter drafts and keeping their home more comfortable in every season
  • Reducing odors and pest migration from nearby living and common areas
  • Shrinking the building’s carbon footprint

You can qualify for the benefits of income eligible status for your building if 66 percent or more of your tenants have a gross household income below the state’s 60 percent income median.To find out if your building qualifies for income eligible status, contact CMC Energy Services today.

CMC Energy Services (CMC), an authorized contractor for Energize Connecticut programs, has been providing energy efficiency expertise to home and building owners in Connecticut for nearly two and a half decades. Known for its creative, cost-effective solutions, CMC has weatherized more than 19,000 apartment units in more than 200 complexes in the Connecticut area.

Our team will be with you every step of the way – from assessing your building and meeting with your utility company to scheduling contractors, researching rebates, and more.

Learn more about CMC Energy Services here.

“From start to finish, the workers did a terrific job. They were on time, efficient, respectful and even did the clean up of their materials.”

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Linda A Carmosino, COS
ARM Property Manager,
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“The technicians were knowledgeable, courteous, and hard working. I still can’t believe this was done at no cost for me or my tenants!”

Keith Rowley, Owner
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