What Is a Home Energy Score?

Home energy chart

Everyone likes to buy smart – especially when it comes to investing in their future home.

To be a savvy home buyer, you need to consider many factors that affect the value of your home relative to other candidates in the market – its location, condition, and amenities, to name a few. But what about the cost to actually live in your home?

The ability to compare operating costs of similar homes can really set one candidate apart from the pack – which is why the Department of Energy’s Home Energy Score is so important.

Like MPG for your home

A Home Energy Score provides buyers with credible information about a home’s energy use; based on a simplified 1-10 scale (the higher the number, the higher the efficiency of the home), the Score gives you an easy and accurate way to compare the efficiency of homes across a housing market, much as MPG allows you to compare the efficiency of cars.

Home energy score scale

The Home Energy Score:

  • Gives you a more reliable way than past bills to estimate future utility expenses
  • Identifies the most efficient ways to invest in energy improvements in your home
  • Will help you qualify for a larger mortgage or more financing options if you are buying or refinancing your home

Great for home sellers, too

If you’re looking to sell your home, you can use a Home Energy Score to quantify the benefit of the energy investments you’ve made so you can showcase them in future listings. This information can also be used by appraisers and mortgage lenders to make your home more attractive and accessible to potential buyers.

The bottom line

As a home buyer, you want to know everything you can about a potential purchase, including how its energy use impacts your comfort, indoor air quality, and monthly costs. As a homeowner, you want to discover affordable energy solutions that can improve your home’s energy performance and overall Score. As a home seller, you want to showcase the advantages that make your home better than others available in the marketplace.

With a Home Energy Score report, you’ll get all of these benefits and more.

Did you know that a Home Energy Score report is included in CMC Energy’s comprehensive home energy assessment (energy audit)?

Get the Report – along with on-the-spot air sealing and other energy efficiency measures – all for a single one-time payment of only $149 for electric and gas heated homes or $174 for propane heated homes. Contact us today to schedule your home energy assessment!

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