Four Reasons to Consider Adding Solar to Your Connecticut Home’s Energy Mix

Solar energy

Using solar energy to heat your home and water is great way to save on energy bills and contribute to the health of your community – not to mention a great way to benefit you as a homeowner.

Add solar panels to your home and you will:

  • Lower your electricity bills – When you have solar, you’re generating your own energy instead of buying it from the grid, which can mean big savings.
  • Cut down on maintenance costs – Once your system is installed, there’s very little work required to keep your solar panels working at their full potential.
  • Reduce carbon emissions – Solar can reduce your home’s greenhouse gas emissions and help the environment.

You’ll also pay less than you think for a solar panel installation: thanks to tax incentives and added benefits from great companies like PosiGen, you can cut installation costs dramatically, making the recovery time for your investment much shorter.

CMC and PosiGen: Working together to make solar energy efficient and affordable

Making your home as energy efficient as possible is a key preparation for installing solar panels in your Connecticut home– and no one does that better than CMC.*

That’s why PosiGen – a leader in making solar energy affordable to homeowners of ALL income levels – has made CMC its preferred partner for its pre-installation energy audits. CMC’s home energy assessments help ensure that your home is as energy efficient as possible so you get the most out of your solar power system once it has been installed.

Learn more about PosiGen here and see how you can open the door to the efficiency of solar energy. And if you’re not ready to make the jump into solar but still want your home to operate as efficiently as possible, why not set up an affordable home energy assessment from CMC?

*Preparing your roof for a solar panel installation is also critical – we’ll talk more about that in our next blog.

“Their technicians did great work—very professional and neat. I’m going to tell all my friends about the program.”

James L.

“Their technicians were fabulous and an asset to the company. I am very happy that I had the program done.”

Sally O.