Energy Star 101

Energy Star logo

You’ve probably seen the Energy Star logo on your air conditioner – or even your new double-pane windows. But what does that logo actually mean – and more importantly, what does it mean for you?

Energy Star – A brief history

Energy Star is the name of a United States government program created in 1992 to motivate people and businesses to use less energy. For a product or building to carry an Energy Star label, it must meet all Energy Star guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DOE).

What products can have an Energy Star label?

The EPA and DOE have developed a process that relies on an analysis of market, engineering, and air quality factors, together with stakeholder input, to set standards for Energy Star certification. Major categories of Energy Star products include:

  • Computers;
  • Lighting;
  • Appliances;
  • Windows;
  • Home and office electronics;
  • Heating and cooling systems; and
  • New residential and commercial buildings.

Today the Energy Star label can be found on more than 60 types of products, along many new homes and industrial facilities.


The four key benefits to buying Energy Star certified equipment are:

  • Cutting energy costs by 20 to 30 percent;
  • Helping the environment by using less energy;
  • Saving you money through potential federal tax credits; and
  • Potentially Increasing the resale value of your home.

Benefits for new homebuyers

An Energy Star-rated home is one that has been independently verified so that it meets Energy Star program guidelines. As a new home buyer, this means you will feel it with more consistent inside temperatures, better indoor air quality, and lower monthly energy bills. It could also mean your home will have a higher resale value, since more homebuyers are now looking for the Energy Star label when they shop for a home.

The bottom line

Energy Star-rated products are a great investment for your Connecticut home –especially if they’re a part of an overall energy efficiency strategy that’s based on a comprehensive home energy assessment.

To learn more about Energy Star products and other efficiency measures for your Connecticut home, contact CMC Energy and schedule your home energy assessment today!

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