Better Health: One More Reason to Invest Energy Efficiency Improvements for Your CT Home

Home energy efficiency

You probably know that investing in energy efficiency (EE) measures for your home can help you lower energy bills. But did you know that it could also improve your health?

According to a white paper by E4TheFuture, recent studies on the impact of North American EE programs document a range of health-related improvements that include reduced symptoms, fewer emergency room visits, and better indoor environmental conditions in treated homes.

Health benefits tied to EE measures

By upgrading appliances and improving the your home’s building envelope (the space between the heated /cooled space in your house and the outside air), EE measures are designed to make your home more efficient and comfortable. But as it turns out, they also make it a healthier place to spend time: the warmer, drier indoor air that air sealing promotes, for example, reduces hypertension and respiratory ailments among people who live in the space.

Particularly strong benefits for asthma sufferers

EE measures have a particularly strong impact on asthma suffers (about one out of 14 American adults, says the CDC): According to one study, residents that received weatherization improvements reported 12 percent fewer asthma emergency department visits and a 48 percent decline in poor health. Improvements were even more substantial among residents of income-eligible households and residents with pre-existing health conditions linked to housing risks.

The bottom line: Energy efficiency measures work

No matter how you slice it, an investment in energy efficiency improvements for your Connecticut home pays for itself many times over – whether through lower bills, more comfort, or better health. Why put it off?

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