Long lasting, worry free comfort for your home.

There is nothing like Aeroseal technology. It is the most effective way a homeowner can fix duct leaks. Tape and mastic, which have to be applied manually – and only to leaks that can be easily found – can only do a partial job. Most of ductwork is hidden behind walls, under insulation, or other hard-to-reach areas. Aeroseal works from the inside out to seal virtually all duct leaks.

Fast installation. Instant results. Long-term savings.

Tests show Aeroseal technology can last the lifetime of a home, and CMC Energy Services guarantees it for a decade. It takes less than a day to perform the entire installation, from start to finish – with immediate results.

Aeroseal saves homeowners an average of 30% or more on home heating and air conditioning bills. In fact, the savings they get pays for the cost of Aeroseal in less than three years – 23 times faster than upgrading windows, and 30 times faster than insulating walls.

For health and comfort

With Aeroseal technology, air quality in the home can improve dramatically.

Ductwork leaks rob the fan’s ability to move treated air throughout the system. Like trying to suck water through a straw with holes in it, no amount of energy can do the job. Homes with rooms that never get warm in winter or cool in summer likely have leaky ductwork.

Dusty homes and symptoms of indoor allergies are also typical signs of duct leakage. Allergens such as dirt and pollen from outside the home are regularly sucked into the air ducts by the furnace or air conditioner. Leaks and gaps in the air ducts allow these allergens to bypass filters and get blown throughout the house.

Cracks and openings around doors, windows, and features such as recessed lighting or attic hatches can significantly impact energy use and indoor comfort. They can also create excessive moisture, leading to mold and mildew. In fact, many significant leakage sources can be easily overlooked until the home is tested.

The energy-saving experts at CMC Energy Services can evaluate your home for air leakage and determine the most cost-effective solution. It may be as simple as applying weather stripping and caulking to problem areas or it may require a more comprehensive approach.

“Their technicians did great work—very professional and neat. I’m going to tell all my friends about the program.”

James L.

“Their technicians were fabulous and an asset to the company. I am very happy that I had the program done.”

Sally O.