COVID-19 Customer Correspondence

The Governor of Connecticut has declared a state of emergency and governments, schools, businesses and citizens are all taking action to limit interaction and spread of the virus. Connecticut’s utilities are temporarily suspending any non-essential energy efficiency work and appointments that require a technician to enter a home or come in close, physical contact with other individuals on.

This suspension began on Wednesday, March 18, and was originally dated to go through at least Tuesday, March 31. On March 20, 2020, The Governor issued Executive Order 7H, which extended the order through at least April 22, 2020. On April 10, 2020, The Governor issued Executive Order 7X, which extends the order through at least May 20, 2020.

Although some businesses have reopened on May 20, the suspensions of all energy efficiency on-premise programs remain in place. Please be assured that we will contact you if it is necessary to reschedule your appointment.

We are committed to serving you and providing you with ways to save. Adapting to this challenging time, CMC Energy Services is now offering Home Energy Assessments remotely. A virtual Home Energy Assessment is an interactive collaboration, using video assistance, between you and CMC which will help us to identify opportunities to help you save money and energy throughout your home as well as access to increased incentives for insulation improvements. If it’s determined that you could benefit from new LED light bulbs and an advance power strip, we’ll actually mail those directly to your home so you don’t have to wait to start saving. CMC will be able to determine from the virtual assessment the best approach for your on-site energy efficiency visit. Great news, there is no cost for the virtual assessment, and if you do proceed with the virtual assessment, even better news, the copay for the on-site visit will be waived.

“Their technicians did great work—very professional and neat. I’m going to tell all my friends about the program.”

James L.

“Their technicians were fabulous and an asset to the company. I am very happy that I had the program done.”

Sally O.