Replacing with new LED lightbulb

Seven Things You Might Not Know about LED Lighting

By now you’ve probably at least heard of LED lighting – but how much do you really know about it?

Home energy chart

What Is a Home Energy Score?

Everyone likes to buy smart – especially when it comes to investing in their future home.

Open window breeze

Eight Ways to Reduce Humid Summer Air in Your Connecticut Home

In Connecticut, we’re all too familiar with muggy summer days and sticky summer nights.

House attic insulation

Insulation 101

It may not be as “sexy” as installing a new kitchen or adding a bathroom or investing in a high-tech HVAC system, but if you want to one of the best bang-for-the-buck ways to add value to…

Paying bills

Cool (and Mostly Free) Ways to Cut Your Energy Bills This Spring and Summer

Warm weather is coming (we promise!) – before you know it you’ll be setting your thermostat for “cool” and waiting for that first A/C bill to arrive.

Gallons of water

Six Ways to Reduce Hot Water Usage

Imagine a gallon of milk in your refrigerator.

Now imagine 70 of them.
If you live in the average American household, that’s about how much hot water you’ll use every day – and you’re paying to heat every single one of them.

Home energy efficiency

Five Trends in Home Energy Efficiency

Connecticut homeowners these days want home energy solutions that deliver it all: more comfort, lower energy bills, more value for their homes, and less impact on the environment. The good news is that they are often able to get it – thanks in part to advances in technology.


Becoming a Vampire Killer: Ways to Combat Wasted Stand-by Power in Your Connecticut Home

Vampire power. Phantom load. Ghost load.

Aeroseal project

Duct Sealing: An Unseen Key to Efficiency

Forced air HVAC systems are great (if you have vents rather than baseboards or radiators, you have a forced air system), but they do have one significant efficiency drawback…

Window caulking

How to Caulk Your Windows

Taking the time to caulk around external windows can really help lower your home utility bills– especially if it’s accompanied by installing other energy efficiency measures in your Connecticut home.

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